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    is a Laureate of different guitar festivals. She is the holder of title "Miss Rock Guitar 2002" founded by Web portal Guitarplayer.ru.

    In 2001 Elena had graduated State Musical College of the Variety and Jazz Art. In 2006 she has graduated Moscow Institute of Modern Art (specialization: electric guitar).

    Cooperating with Shamray Guitars Elena has developed the unique series of guitars "Shamray Seagall" that is specially intended for the musicians with small arms.

    In 2003 Elena was founded solo instrumental project «SEAGALL» having debuted at the concert (master class) of the famous Russian guitarists Dmitriy Chetvergov and Dmitriy Maloletov.

    Now Elena is the guitarist of the Moscow group Znaki and she also takes part in guitar project Trinity .

    Since 2003 she is a teacher of guitar in the Institute of Modern Art, Moscow.

    The official cite: Seagall.ru

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