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    Oleg Kopenkov is a Belarusian guitarist, a composer, an arranger, master of ceremonies, DJ, the chairman of the KGB (Club of the Guitarists of Belarus), writer, teacher, producer.

    Oleg was born in 1962 in Minsk. He is a graduate of Minsk Musical College and Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.
    Since 1990 Oleg has been playing in the duet with Sergey Kabanov (“KOPAKABANA”). They performed in many small and big cities of Belarus and abroad. Since 2005Oleg has begun to write music for the guitar. Thecollection of 10 author's works were published : “Sometime I feel sad”, “Kopenkov’s style… ¹ 2”, “Kopenkov’s style… ¹ 3”, “My wonderful motherland ”, “Carnival”, “Lets sing together! ”, “Only large forms”, “Miniatures”, "Manu notes makes a mickle" and “Only for you”.

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